Why would anyone want to use faux instead of the real masonry? 

Very simple....because in many applications it is a better option

In general, faux masonry and stucco applications within signs is fast becoming more than a trend as it rapidly replaces the traditional use of the real masonry in many circumstances. The popularity with sign shops stems from reasons that include cost, ease of use, convenience, transportation, weight and the fact these products can be installed almost as easily in winter as in warmer seasons. Using these products also eliminates the cumbersome job of coordinating with contractors or masonry suppliers. Sign Accents is supplying sign companies with an excellent alternative when it comes to stone, brick and stucco through our specialized process of molding composites into simulated but real looking columns and panels.


faux stone columnOur Faux Masonry Really Looks Real.

Unlike most faux type columns and accessories that are carved in low density foam, we have molded our panels directly from actual actual masonry to yield an unequaled product.  Our columns and panels are produced out of a long history of innovation. Faux columns are not new, but ours are unique. We like to say that we build better mouse traps. That's our mission and motto."


column closeup

Our Columns Are Practically Designed 

Besides the friendly cost and life-like look of our molded columns is the patented and engineered inner-structure that provides ease of installation, durability, strength, and support of heavier sign panels or cabinets. The columns are made to slip over four by four inch posts with the ability to run electric to a sign cabinet up through the inside sleeve.

            A very important feature of the Sign Accents column is its ability to hold a lot weight—such as a heavy sign panel or cabinet. This is made possible by two or more "saddles" that are molded into the inside where a metal or wood post would sleeve through as well as a reinforced "wall" along the backside of the surface where the external sign panel or cabinet would be affixed. The sign installation would be very similar to that of a gate or section of fence—something that our parent company knows a lot about since their columns were first made available to the fence and landscaping industries.

Diagram of the interior details of our columns

Benefits of Sign Accents Columns and Panels To Sign Companies:

  • Most authentic looking faux columns available…..better than the real thing…won’t crack, shift, or develop mineral efflorescence like traditional masonry.
  • Easy to install.  A 4”x4” post, be it wood, plastic or steel is all you need to secure it.  Patented
  • Molded so same authentic look every time.
  • Made of closed cell urethane plastic.    Never rots.  Never attached by insects.    Never wears out.  
  • Finish is baked on with Sherman Williams material.
  • Weed wacker resistant.
  •   Lower cost than the leading brands.
  •  No coordination with outside parties.   Complete job can be handled by sign company. 
  •  Use with LED signs, Vinyl signs, HDU signs,  perfect add on sale.
  • Walk in sales possibilities.
  •  Can be cut with wood working tools.
  • Complimentary inter locking matching flat panels available 24"x 48"


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